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Patient’s Drugs Delivery


Dr Tan & Partners Singapore now delivers medicines to patients throughout Singapore.

As medicine advances into the digital age, accessibility to healthcare has become much easier over the years. Our friendly in-house pharmacist is trained to respond to your drug delivery requests in a timely manner.


Delivery charges:

Within same day: $ 15.00

Next day delivery: $10.00


The process of getting you medications delivered to your door step consists of a few steps

1.) SMS our pharmacist at +65 8728 7272.

SMS must contain:

  • NAME,
  • NRIC,

2.) Our pharmacist will then check for previous prescriptions and liaise with the prescribing doctor.

3.) You will receive a confirmation with total charges and payment details.

4.) Upon receipt of payment, the medication will be delivered within the stipulated time.

5.) Upon delivery our pharmacist will contact you to go thru with you the medication and its regimen.



Terms and conditions:

  1. This service is only applicable to patients of partnering clinics.
  2. Medication should be a repeat or partially filled prescription.
  3. Request should not contain controlled drugs or highly temperature sensitive drugs. Additional charges for bulky and heavy items apply.
  4. An INVOICE of the purchase (inclusive of prescription fee and delivery charges) will be sent to patient and payment needs to be made prior to delivery
  5. Damaged goods to be reported within 24 hours of delivery for an exchange of goods. No exchanges will be entertained 24 hours after delivery.
  6. There will be no refunds allowed.
  7. A prescription handling fee of $10.00 will be applied
  8. There must be a minimum order of $50.00. If the minimum is not met, a $8.00 surcharge will be applied.
  9. Payment mode will be via FAST bank transfer
  10. Last order for same day delivery will be at 4 pm on the expected day of delivery.



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