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We are using the SD BioLine HIV Ag/Ab Combo rapid test.

Multicentre clinical trials have shown 100% sensitivity and more than 99% specificity.

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This kit has been registered with Singapore’s Health Science Authority (HSA).

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Results take 20 minutes.

It only requires a finger-prick.

Cost $150 (Excludes consult and GST)

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At the counter tell our staff you would like a Rapid Combo test.

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The doctor will conduct the test for you and let you know the results at about 20 minutes (more or less depending on the situation).

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Click on the picture for the latest information on the HIV testing Window Period








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  1. Dear doctor,

    5 weeks ago, i had protected sex with condom with CSW, but i did oral sex without condom, kissing and fingering. I have test in 5 weeks after activity with 4th gen CMIA ag/ab combo at a laboratory, and the result is non reactive. I also have tested STD screening (Hbsag, Anti-HSV2, Anti-chlamydia, gonorhea, vdrl/rpr, and TPHA) at 1 month (30 day) after activity and all the result are non reactive.

    The concelor doctor advice me that result is conclusive and i dont need to be re-tested again.

    is my test done on 35 days (5 week) are clear and conclusive? Am i suppose to do another round of HIV test or STD test?

    Please your advice doctor. Thank you very much

  2. Is there a difference between 12 weeks (84 days) and 3 months (90 days) using the HIV Alere determine rapid test? Or is it negligible

    • The difference is very negligible. I would be as comfortable with a negative Alere Determine test at 84 days as at 90 days.

  3. Hellow doc,

    I need your advice. 4 weeks ago, i had protected sex with condom with spa therapis, but i got oral sex without condom, kissing and fingering. I already test in 4 weeks after activity with SD bioline HIV test, and the result is non reactive. My concelor doctor advice me that result is conclusive and i dont need to be re-tested again. is my test done on 28 days (4 week) are clear and conclusive? Am i suppose to do another round of HIV test?

    Sorry for my english. Hope to hear your advice soon. Best regards

    • In general, I would consider 4th generation testing at 28 days to be conclusive; however, there was a batch of recalled SD Bioline kits last year in Singapore so they are currently not approved for use here by our HSA – this recall may not affect you, but it is best to speak to your doctor if you are concerned.

  4. Pranavbamboo

    Three months ago I had an exposure to hiv .
    Today I got my 90 day post exposure hiv test. It was a 4th generation test . I also got tested on day 84,83,60,26 and 21.
    According to CDC, my 4 Th generation tests results are conclusive. However I was also diagnosed with clinical depression three years ago and Iv been using the following medicines

    Medicines I take daily are
    Anti depressants-
    Stablon (tianeptine)
    Sizedon ( pregablin )
    Maxgalin ( risperidone )

    Due to a childhood dust allergy I also take the following Anti histamine every day
    Allegra and Benadryl

    I also used steroid eye drops (vigadexa) and a steroid inhaler (seroflo) once every two weeks. I took a 5 day course of antibiotics because of an ear infection 50 days after exposure.

    Would any of these medicines cause enough immunosuppression or affect the test enough to invalidate my test results ?

    Am I conclusively negative

  5. Hi doctor, Give me your beat advises.
    I am indonesia, 3 weeks ago (10 june), I had unprotected sex with CSW, I got gonorea, at day 21 and 22 I got severe fever and swolled lymp node at left neck during fever, I went to doctor of internal medicine, he said that virus entered to my body, so I got swolled lymp, is it hiv virus?, now 3 Juli (23 days) I get tested CMIa ag/ab lab, the result is negatif/nonreaktif, how much the accuracy of 23 days hiv ag/ab testing even officially ag/ab is considered conclusive at 28 days?
    Thank you

  6. dr i was done the hiv 1 and 2 ag and ab test at 4weeks, 5weeks,9weeks and 12weeks after protected sex exposure. i also conduct the hcv pcr rna test at 5 weeks and 12 weeks antibody hcv. can i consider myself clear and move on? and dr i had chapped lips for almost 3 months. if the test was negative then can it prove teh chapped lips is no related to the std?

  7. Worried John

    Hi Doctor,

    I had an unprotected sex with a female stranger whom I’ve met at a club in overseas. She’s likely to be a sex worker as well, since we had a monetary agreement for sex.

    This is my 19th day of exposure, I did catch a bad cold during my 3rd day of exposure and it had lasted for about 3-4 days with the help of antibiotics prescribed by my GP. I started to have a little joint ache at my collar bone area during the 14th day of exposure.

    I’m feeling a little unsettled, as I had just recovered from fungal infection at my penis shaft 9 days ago before the unprotected sex occured. The penis skin was rather dried and fragile previously, and I’m worried that it would bleed during the intercourse.

    I’m rather sexually inactive, as I haven’t had any sexual intercourse with anyone for almost two years.

    1. I’m wondering if I should visit your clinic to test for HIV?

    2. Will the test result be conclusive upon receiving it?

    3. How many more days should I wait before going down for the HIV test?

    4. What kind of HIV test would you recommend?

    Appreciate your advice.

    Thank you.

    • Hi, I would advise a 4th generation HIV combo test (which can be done rapidly and anonymously at our Robertson Walk clinic) – this result would be conclusive from 28 or more post-exposure. We can also discuss risks of other potential STDs including chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, etc.

  8. Hi,
    I have an exposure on 23/4/18 with female whose HIV status is unknown. Unprotected intercourse.

    At week 6, I had cold / runny nose.
    At week 7, I had saliva gland infection (suspect bacterium infection) and enlarged lymph node below my chin.
    I am now taking antibiotic and had steroid to reduce swell at my cheek (single side).
    Pls advise what testing should I undergo?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      If you are concerned, you can get a HIV combo test done now, or a HIV antibody test done 3 months from your exposure.
      You can find us here : LOCATIONS

  9. HIVAnxiety

    Hi doctor, make a long story short, receive unprotected oral sex and some very brief kiss from massage parlour on 23rd March 2018. 4th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th weeks SD Bioline Rapid AG/AB finger prick test at DTAP KL and 83rd days Alere Determine HIV 1/2 AG/AB finger prick Rapid test.. all test were negative and going to do a full STD body check up by this Friday, just wanna know how likely is the negative result change positive? Is my 83 days Alere determine rapid ag/ab test conclusive? I’m quiet concern about the rashes in front and behind my body.. I also got flu and mild fever on weeks 11 and it goes away after few days.. if the rashes on my body is HIV rashes then there’s no way a rapid 4th generation HIV test cannot pick up the antibody right?

  10. Hi dr,
    2 weeks ago, I tested negative after 6 weeks exposure. I have no symptoms at all. However, I had unprotected Sex with my partner and she’s got yeast infection one day after sex. Ever since, her yeast infection did not go off for more than 1 month. There is not other significant symptom from her during this period. My question is, is it possible that if I have no hiv, but had sex with a hiv person and then had Sex with my partner, would this expose her to hiv?

    • No, that scenario is not possible. Yeast infections in women are common, but it would be best for her to see a doctor to get properly assessed, as there can be other infections (sexually-transmissible or otherwise) that can cause vaginal discharge.

  11. Dr, i just tested hcv antibody and hiv combo at 84 days (12 weeks) after the protected sex exposure. within this 12 weeks, i had few test i would like to post here:
    1. pcr rna at day 10 after exposure result: negative,
    2. combo test at 27days together with the girl that i had protected sex result: negative,
    3. combo at 28days result negative
    4. combo at 33days result negative,
    5. hcv rna pcr at 5 weeks undetectable (qualitative and quantitative),
    6. combo at 64 days result negative,
    7. combo at 78 days result negative,
    8. combo at 84 days result negative and hcv antibody test all negative. i had some symptoms as following:
    1. chapped lips start from 3 and half weeks after the protected exposure. cracking on lips skin until now almost 2 months onwards was worried but tested negative,
    2. 11 weeks experiences a mouth ulcer,
    3. feeling my gum no really confort and my throe,
    4 i got diarrhea for 1 weeks i was verry worried my situation. my question is follow:
    1. dr all my test hiv and hcv conclusive?
    2. can the symptoms related to the ars or ?
    3. dr do i need to get another test again? when can i get tested again?
    dr jonathan please help me i was visit you last month at Robertson walk.

  12. dr i had an protected sex with a girl until now 12 weeks ago. can i get the hiv combo test and hep c antibody test? and is this time for the test will be conclusive?

  13. PD4249


    I have a question about a couple of HIV tests that I took.

    So, I had a supposed exposure of HIV back in mid-August, however the person I was with used a condom. Nothing seemed to have torn, he just told me that the condom felt tight, but that’s about it. His HIV status was unknown to me. However, I’m just very paranoid because a month after that I got back into a relationship and I haven’t told my current partner that I hooked up with someone else while my partner and I were on a break. I got tested 50 days after exposure with the Alere Combo Rapid Test via finger prick. The results came up as negative so I was happy about that, and the health center that this was considered conclusive.

    However, I was still nervous because I know some places say it’s conclusive after 3-6 months, so I went and got another test on February 20th, 6 months after exposure. The results were negative again with the Alere test, however, the nurse forgot to time it. I would say that it was definitely past 15 minutes, but not the full 20 minutes that you’re supposed to wait.

    I’m mainly nervous because my partner and I don’t always use condoms and I don’t want to put him at any risk. I only stopped using condoms with my partner after my first HIV test that I took after exposure, but I still have some paranoia.

    I’m just wondering, should I still get tested again? I hope to hear back soon. Thank you.

  14. Hi. I have exposure last feb 8,2018. After 7.6 weeks (almost 8weeks) i tested antibody rapid test and it came back negative result and re-tested again for SD BIOLINE HIV TEST KIT after 89 days and it came back negative. Question, where should i rely in my 2 result? Is hic kit test is accurate? Should i moves on? Thank you

  15. Sonny

    Hi Dr.,

    I would like your opinion on my case.I had protected vaginal sex with a sexworker more than a month ago. After the act, I didn’t check whether the condom was broken, it was an unknown brand of latex condom so I kind of felt it was unreliable. I felt uneasy and went to doctor for assessment. I got negative on Alere HIV Combo rapid test and was prescribed PEP, which I took the first tablet at 46th hours from exposure. I took it for 30 days without missing a dose. Now I went to have another Alere HIV Combo rapid test, which showed negative as well

    I have a few questions:
    1. How high was my risk back then?
    2. Is the Alere HIV Combo test result conclusive after 30 days? Considering that I took PEP for the same duration
    3. I have read somewhere that PEP can reduce viral load to undetectable level. Could this be why the test showed negative? Now I have stopped PEP, is there a possibility that the HIV will surge again (in case I got it the first place)?

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Risk of HIV transmission can be affected by many factors including the risk of the partner, the kind of sexual act, whether it was protected and if there was any condom breakage or slippage and so on. In general if it was protected sex, generally the risk is very low or even negligible. With regards to the 4th Generation HIV test you did 30 days after exposure, I would consider the result as conclusive. However if you are still concerned you can repeat the HIV test in 3 months time. As for the 3rd question, if the PEP was effective it would have prevent HIV from infecting you thus even if you have completed the course of the PEP as recommended, there is no reason to believe that you will get HIV for that encounter.

      • Sonny

        Hi Doctor,

        Thank you for your response. For third question, what I meant to ask is: Since I took the first pill at the 46th hour, is there any chance that the virus already took a reservoir somewhere, and PEP just only kept the free virus low, so when I stop PEP, the virus in reservoir will multiply again?

        In other word, is there a chance that the test result is false negative?

        Thank you

  16. I have go thru the HIV test and STD test on 14 days of oral sex exposure. Both result was negative.

    But,i still encounter itchy on my testicles and needle pain at urethra.I do not feel pain while urine but just go urine more often.

    Can i know what is the cause?and is my test done on 14 days are clear? Am i suppose to do another round of HIV test?

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      I would say you should do testing again fro both STD and HIV after 28 days. The symptoms you are experiencing may or may not related to STD, please visit your doctor for further evaluation.

  17. Hello dr.
    I had unprotected sex with CSW, And I got gonorea. Unfortunetely she is HIV positif.. I got tested HIV cmia ag/ab 28 days and 45 days, and the result were negative..
    It is conclusive result, am I HIV negative?, do i need to futher testing ?. I am indonesian. The Window periode used in Indonesia is 3 mounts. I am scared because she is HIV negatif and I got gonorea from her.
    thank you

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      I’m a bit confused. Is she HIV positive or not?

      • I dont khow Exactly, but she said that she is hiv positif.
        advice me.. should I retest again after 3 mounts, because I got gonorea from her

        • Dr. Julian Ng


          If you are still concern, I would consider retesting again in 3 months time especially if she is proven to be HIV positive.

  18. Hi Dr,

    I had a possible exposure with a friend of mine. We are both females and we were roughly kissing and she fingered me anally and vaginally resulting in many cuts in me that soaked my panties but didn’t require any medical care. If she had vaginal fluids or cuts in her hand while she was fingering me, am I at risk? We were also kissing and I’m not sure if she had any bleeding but I have unhealthy gums. What are my risks for HIV and could I be also so-infected with hep c? I tested with a 4th gen at 30 days and about 56 days and both came out negative. Do I require more testing?

  19. Hi dear Dr hook/Dr hunter ,it’s my second time in this forum unfortunately and I’m still scared to death, exposure end of September 2017, I’m male had heterosexual intercourse with black csw, I was completely drunk but I remember it was protected with condom, couldn’t finish so removed the condom and did some masterbation, she spit on my penis!! Didn’t ask for that but couldn’t stop her unfortunately ، since then after 2 days had painful urination very tender organ.. a week later had ARS similar symptoms.. Passed after 2 weeks… Including night sweat mouth ulcers severe weakness about 8 kg weight loss out of 90kg muscle joints pain.. Was pretty much sure that I contracted hiv so went for 4th generation lab test after 8 weeks, was negative!!, most symptoms passed apart from strange migratory joint pain especially in big joints but including wrists, improved a bit!! Also tingling numbness in arms and legs which became severe nowadays, second combo test at 16 weeks at different lab – – very reliable one in Israel also negative!! Again was pretty sure it’s false negative, had consulted with Dr hunter handsfield Dr Sean Cummings as well and some local hiv doctors who didn’t examine me but reassured me that I’m negative, what’s killing me indeed nowadays are nail fingers pain in all of the fingers in both hands with transverse white discoloration.. And also I think I’m losing a lot of fat in some areas of my face, chin around eyes.. Performed a 3rd generation finger prick which uses blood some days ago at an hiv center, don’t remember the manufacturer, – – 6 months plus after the single time risk exposure!! Once again negative!! Are we talking about false negative!!??? By the way I consulted with Dr Sean Cummings and Dr hunter handsfield after my 2nd test at 16 weeks they assured me everything is OK, what do you think Dr?? Please help me cause my life became a total mess, lost job and almost losing my wife and everything

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Your HIV results are conclusive. Please move on with your life.

  20. Tommy777

    Dear expert, I’ve recently done a finger prick test for HIV. The results were negative. However, an incident I’ve witness makes me wonder if Im potentially exposed during my routine check.

    During the process of the test, I didnt have time to check for the cleanliness and state of the equipment used on me at the clinic. To make the situation worse, the gum clinic was extremely crowded. Judging by the crowd, out of mistake due to the hectic crowd, the clinic might accidentally re-use the finger prick lancet on me, they also used a steel tray to hold all the equipment brought to me. Which chances are used by a previous patient and might have blood dropped on it for various reasons and not sterilized in time for use. The cotton wool I’ve used to stopped bleeding were on the steel tray when the test was carried out. If the cotton wool were to absorb any blood on the tray prior to putting on my finger prick wound. Am I in any danger? Im also unsure if the the lab technician changes her glove for different patient as she is attending to patient non-stop. Im worried sick, please advice. Could there be a chance where hiv positive blood went into my finger pricked wound in any of the above ways or the reused finger prick were previously used on a hiv patient prior to my usage? The part were the cotton wool accidentally absorb blood on the tray as well.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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