Health Screening

Health Screening is a great way to invest in your future. Many diseases are silent killers and you may not have any symptoms until things are really serious. Bring yourself in for a regular overhaul now. It need not be too complicated: At Dr. Tan & and Partners medical centre, we have Health Screening Packages to help you identify theses diseases early. Health screening packages are available at all our clinics.   1.) Essential Health Package $200 Full Blood Count Detailed Cholesterol Profile Blood Sugar Kidney Profile –...

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Health Matters: Cardiovascular Disease & Screening.

We live in an era of unparalleled advance, and by all impressions, things only look set to get better. Advances in science and technology have spurred many modern medical breakthroughs .Life expectancies continue to grow, and our overall health has improved. In the past, infectious diseases such as pneumonia and sepsis were the major causes of death, and polio used to be the major cause of disability. In the modern age of antibiotics and vaccines, these threats have all but disappeared. Instead, over the decades, we’ve seen the rise of...

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Cancer Screening

Cancer screening is an essential part of health maintenance. If and when detected early, most cancers can be treated into remission or even cured. It makes a huge impact on life expectancy and quality of life. Here’s a guide to when and how you should screen for cancers. 1. Nasopahryngeal Carcinoma (Nose Cancer) Please go get yourself tested if you are: – Chinese man above 40 years old – Have 2 or more relatives with nose cancer A simple screening for Nose Cancer involves an inexpensive blood test known as EBV IgA. For patients...

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